About Broadway Bares SF

"Broadway Bares" is an annual benefit show produced by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BCEFA) in New York City. The first "Broadway Bares" was presented in 1992 by Tony Award winning choreographer/director Jerry Mitchell and the company of "The Will Rogers Follies" at Splash bar. Eight dancers "in rotation" on the bar raised more than $8,000. Since then, the event has continuously performed to sell-out crowds and raises over $2 million annually for BCEFA.

In 2016, the Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation (REAF) partnered with BCEFA to present the first San Francisco version of this popular burlesque-style benefit show called “Broadway Bares/San Francisco Strips” at Club Fugazi (former home of Beach Blanket Babylon) and received rave reviews. Deb Leamy, performer, director, choreographer, veteran of the Broadway stage, and Broadway Bares NY alum spearheaded this new endeavor as Founding Director with Executive Producers Ken Henderson and Joe Seiler of The Richmond Ermet Aid Foundation (REAF).

Each year Broadway Bares/San Francisco Strips performs to full houses and has raised over $330,000 to support REAF’s and BCEFA’s mission to provide support for HIV/AIDS services, hunger programs, and programs that serve and support homeless youth. Approximately 60 dancers perform in a series of numbers centered around a central theme where one or more dancers are tastefully stripped in burlesque-style routines that are fun, sexy and professional. All dancers and production team members volunteer their time and talent to make these events possible. Broadway Bares SF Alum include the casts of Hamilton & Aladdin, Emmy award winners Bruce Vilanch & Jai Rodriguez, Steve Grand, Cassandra Cass, Leanne Borghesi & Nick Cearly. Additionally, sponsors of Broadway Bares SF's contribute greatly to the success of this event including the Bob Ross Foundation, MISTR and the AIDS Health Foundation. Menswear designer Andrew Christian also donates large quantities of intimate apparel that are showcased throughout the production.

Meet the team

Deb Leamy
Founding Director

Ken Henderson (REAF)
Founding Producer

Joe Seiler (REAF)
Founding Producer

Damien Beard
Current Co-Producer

2024’s Production Team

Director & Co-Producer: Deb Leamy
Assistant Director: Tim McGarrigal
Co-Producer(s): Damien Beard
Executive Producers: Ken Henderson & Joe Seiler
Technical Director: Devin Jay
Company Manager: Maggie Connard & Cameron Postnikoff
Stage Manager: Jillian Park
Fundraising Coordinator: Franco Chevalier
Marketing & Communications Lead: Lacy Steffens
Volunteers Coordinators: Andrew Hirst & Katira Arak
Social Media Coordinator: Christo Roma
Production Associate: Stefan Meyer
Catering & Food Donation Coordinator: Sean Mamola
Production Advisor: Leanne Borghesi

Bares SF Production Alum

Directors: Emily Schreck & Leanne Borghesi
Assistant Directors: Tim McGarrigal, Maggie Connard & Dominic Duong
Costumers: Daniel Harvey, Collin Riley, Shan Naziripour
Stage Managers: Jose Solivan, Lori Fowler, Genevieve Pabon, Jillian Park
Company Managers: Katira Arak, Maggie Connard
Photographers: Garaje Gooch, Daye Casper, Max Tortoriello
Videographer: Chris Tipton-King
Sound Editor: Rob Broadhurst
Designers: Zarin Giurlani, Mark Briggs
Choreographers: Tim McGarrigal, Stacey Printz, Maggie Martin, Chadd Behavior, Loretta Najera, Christine Navarette, JJ Ghera, Shuaib Elhassan, Ryan Patrick, Jen Brooks, Leslie Waggoner, Dian Meechai, Marissa Ganz, Nick Korkos, Amethyst Monce, Dexandro Montalvo, Rex Wheeler, Namita Kapoor, Marcelo Javier, Ann Barrett Eshabarr, Kenshi Westover, Lee Martino, Ryan Cowles, Katira Arak, Damien Beard and Deb Leamy.
Song Writers: Tony Asaro